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Folding Smart Shoulder Neck Massager For Stay Relaxation And Fit

Folding Smart Shoulder Neck Massager For Stay Relaxation And Fit

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  • [Instant Relief For Tense Necks]

    Balance the countless hours in front of a computer or smartphone with a relaxing and effective massage from our [Electric Pulse Neck Relax Massager]. The devices we use on a daily basis negatively impact our posture and can cause us headaches and a feeling of constant fatigue. The only way to counter that is to actively work with the muscles responsible to keep our neck relaxed and our posture healthy. Our cordless neck massager makes that easy!

  • [Enjoy a Relaxing Massage]

    The full benefits of a massage parlour with none of the hassle! Our neck massagers use the most recent technology to mimic the effectiveness of traditional massages and provide you with the quickest relief for neck pain. Neck support for pain relief plays a big role in our wellbeing and productivity. That's why we designed our neck massager deep tissue to work with heat as well! It’s time to relieve neck pain, relax and refuel your energy.

  • [Stay Fit, Mobile and Healthy]

    Being sedentary for a prolonged time has its toll on our posture and wellbeing. But given our lifestyle it's almost impossible to not spend most of our day sitting down and staring into a computer or smartphone. That's why our neck massager for men and women is cordless and portable. Get relief when you need it! Now whether that’s at work or at home is completely up to you! That’s what you call a smart neck massager and neck relaxer


  • [Low frequency pulse technology]

    Deep physical therapy is more comfortable.

  • [42°C constant temperature hot compress]

    Hot compress is a common massage technique. With constant temperature of 42℃, hot compress can promote blood circulation, relieve cervical spine stiffness and achieve better massage effect.  

  • [5 modes 15 adjustable grades]

    Different massage modes can be targeted to deal with various neck discomfort, while feeling different massage comfort.

  • [Ergonomic design and intimate touch]

    Upgraded model protects both arms with the floating massage heads inside.Comfortable to wear without affecting neck movement.

  • [Light weight and thin shape]

    Using Skin friendly material and bringing you more comfortable feeling of apparel.

  • [Fast charging, lasting work]

    Charge for one hour and massage for 15 Minutes every day. lt can continuously work for 6 days. Suitable for business and travel.


  • Model: LG-A5

  • Net/Gross weight: 75/180g

  • Colors: Pearl white/Deep green

  • Rated Power: 5W

  • Rated Voltage: 5V

  • Massage Time: 15 min each time

  • Massage Modes: 5 modes

  • Massage Strength: 15 adjustable grades

  • Massage Temperature: 42℃

  • Charging Time: About 1 hour 


Package Includes:

LG-A5 Cervical Neck Massager x1

How to use:


    Please use water gel film before using the product. if not, the electrode pads can be moistened with wet towel, so as to greatly improve the massage experience function.
  2. There are 5 modes with 15 Adjustable Grades. You can choose the mode and grade that are suitable to you.

    5 Modes: Combination mode, Beat mode, Push mode, Acupuncture mode and Scraping mode

    15 Adjustable Grades: Grade1-5 for daily neck care; Grade6-10 for relieving cervical pain; Grade11-15 for severe cervical strain  


  • Prior to the usage, please remove neck clothing, hair, necklace and other items.

  • Moisten the neck skin before use. It is not recommended to use it when the skin is dry.  

  • This product should not be used for a long time. It is recommended to use it for no more than 30 minutes a day.  

  • Do not use this product when the neck skin has trauma, inflammation or redness and fever.

  • Do not use this product for children, poor heart condition, hypertension and other people. 


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